Sven Co-opΒ is a co-operative game originally based around Valve Software’s Half-Life.
Β In this game players must work together against computer controlled enemies and solve puzzles as a team.
Install the game
mapcycle.txt (voteable maps updated Wednesday Feb 28, 2024)
nom.txt (additional maps that can be nominated for rtv)
ChatSounds numbers reference

Discord Server

recommended client

Client Commands:
Type ‘.m’ in CONSOLE to list the following commands:
Type ‘/buy’ in CHAT to buy weapons
Type ‘rtv’ in CHAT to Rock The Vote/change the map
Type ‘votemenu’ in CONSOLE to change map etc
Type ‘.vc’ in CONSOLE to use Voice Commands.
Type ‘.listsounds’ in CONSOLE for ChatSounds. Type ‘.cspitch #’ in CONSOLE to change pitch.
Type ‘.listmodels’ in CONSOLE for a list of all players and their models.
Type ‘.e’ in CONSOLE for emotes
Type ‘!stuck’ or ‘!unstuck’ or ‘unstuck’ in CHAT if you’re stuck!!!!!
Type ‘endless?’ to check if map has no ending.
Teleport to player mod:
Type ‘/tp’ or ‘!tp’ for tp menu OR type ‘/tp playername’ or ‘!tp playername’
Type ‘trail menu’ in CHAT for trails or type ‘trail color’
Type ‘glow menu’ in CHAT to glow or type ‘glow color’
Type ‘hat menu’ in CHAT for hats or type ‘hat name’
Type ‘pet menu’ in CHAT for pets or type ‘pet name’
Type .modelswap to change players laggy/annoying models. Use .hipoly for more info
Type .nightvision in CONSOLE 4 Nightvision
Type ‘thetime’ for the time and ‘timeleft’ for remaining time
AntiBlock plugin:
Press ‘e’/ your +USE key to switch places with a player.
Survival Mode works on most maps. There are no checkpoints though.
Slow downloads or messed up sounds fix:
Quit the game/end svencoop.exe process and join again.
Your .bsp differs from servers fix:
Delete map in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop_downloads\maps and try again
Report outdated server maps, connection problems, make suggestions etc in Comments below
C05v1D-I9 NEWS

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53 thoughts on “KING

  1. can you make it vac secured? people abusing the non vaced thingy and they hacking and that is not fun becose some hacker had that he insta killed player with crowbar

      1. Hello, I’ve seen players gettin VAC Banned mid game some time ago, speedhack etc, so I assume that VAC works in Sven Co-op.

  2. Hello king, its been a high request to add the anti-rush plugin as players now do rush the maps with other players doesn’t have the chance to even spawn, it’ll be amazing if you could add the old anti-rush plugin that twlz had or a new one that can do the work.
    also if you can upload a model called “holo_irys_lowpoly” a small request c:
    thank you and love u <3

    1. this dude just wants anti rush to stall the game and erp uninterrupted also nobody asked for anti rush

      1. let’s replicate twlz as good as we can: enable survival mode by default, increase the difficulty a little and enable anti rush

        this only meant for the campaigns btw

          1. it did have anti rush enabled on all campaigns like half-life, opposing force etc

            we talking about the 66% needed to progress, right?

          2. now that I think about it: you’re right, twlz didn’t have anti rush

            it was just more difficult and you only had one life (survival) and thus rushing was not a possibility

  3. hi most maps can have survival mode enabled by vote… but there won’t be any checkpoints. theres a plugin to create them. not sure how many users prefer diff and survival.

  4. Hi King

    now that we have two servers: have you thought about turning one into a 24/7 campaign server (hl, of, bs, uplink)? It just needs to be configured right: checkpoints, anti-rush, survival by default, proper difficulty (hard but not too much), gauss gun knockback enabled, restore default revolver behavior, i.e. zooming (I believe it requires an angelscript), classic models, mp_votemaprequired -1, mp_votebanrequired -1, mp_votekickrequired -1, mp_votesurvivalmoderequired -1

    donated you a little bit XMR for all the hard work πŸ™‚

  5. sven_dust2 is broken, the button in the beginning that’s supposed to ask for how many rounds does nothing

    1. ill try to fix that
      hl campaigns etc survival difficulty server running too
      maybe ill run a cs 1.6, ts, hl deathmatch, tfc or tf2 server too

  6. Just played a little on the new campaign server and it’s pretty good so far πŸ™‚

    few suggestions (how my perfect campaign server would look like):
    – make dynamic_mapvote ( the default map, return to it after campaign completion
    – return to dynamic_mapvote after server being empty for a certain amount of time (timelimit should do it?)
    – enable gauss gun vertical knock back
    – further reduce vote options, no need for rtv/nom/difficulty/survival/semi-survival. even kill is questionable if we had a timelimit on trollable maps like hl_c01_a2 & hl_c13_a4 we didn’t need it
    – remove uplink intro if possible (have to press a button and it asks for survival mode or not)
    – tone down the difficulty a little bit. I could only test solo difficulty though, so not sure how it feels in a group

    +0.1 XMR πŸ™‚

    1. k think i implemented most of that now
      disabled game votes on rtv plugin and made it 100 percent of players rtving for it to start a vote.. maybe ppl want to nom maps where they left off or server crashes or something

      1. nice work πŸ™‚

        one thing I noticed: on dynamic_mapvote, decay should be replaced with they hunger

    1. He didnt get SteamID banned nor did I IP Ban.. maybe GSDDDOSS script or anticheat thing did it. ill look into it
      Edit: he’s in game on French server and I didn’t run the script on UK one. probably not banned there

  7. The C4 suicide bombing shout is a lot louder than everything else, can the volume on it be reduced please?

  8. seriously there was no need to split into 4 server. Instead you could have made it a rust/cow only server and one based on half life stuff and rest one server for sven maps this split of server just made everyone scattered into different servers

    1. 4 servers are empty right now and everyone is in one server. There are more than 32 regulars and many more sven co-op players. I’m trying to phase out france servers so that would be 3 main servers left and one half-life one. 3 of them are usually always empty and I can do testing on those. Also some of the servers are VAC enabled because I think the default browser setting for new players is see VAC servers only

  9. Hello,
    Admin could you edit cooldown for map vote for about 1-2 min when the map freshly changes, please? There are some people that are trying to change map via vote menu when the new map loads, some people are about to play the actual map. Its kind of annoying thing if you join the game and before hitting OK in motd tab you are about to see vote for map change.

  10. Hey. Connecting the Insurgency Weapons server keeps slowing down my PC for some reason, precaching takes much longer and the game plays with 5-20 fps. Maybe has to do with these lines?;
    Unexpected result compressing packet (41 -> 37 bytes) [-8]
    Unexpected result compressing packet (37 -> 33 bytes) [-8]

        1. That didn’t solve it but thanks anyway. Whatever the issue is, it takes GPU usage to 100% nonstop.

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